• Reminder: complete the survey for your pension


    Please complete the questionnaire today: see the link in the reminder email of 11 April. We need to know how much risk we [...]

  • Read the new Life & Pension


    In this spring edition, we immerse you in a number of inspiring and important topics about your pension. Info about the new pension [...]

  • The pension fund board needs your help!


    You will shortly receive an invitation from Ipsos, a market research agency, to participate in a survey with which the fund wants to [...]

  • Will you be 59 or older on 01 July 2026? Check out the TOP tip


    Goldman Sachs will stop running the supplementary pension schemes as of 01 July 2026. It may be beneficial to use your TOP just [...]

  • Fourth quarter 2023 investments: transparency and voting policy


    We aim to be transparent regarding where we invest our money and how our voting policy is arranged. This transparency is part of [...]

  • More countries excluded from investments


    TNO Pension Fund does not invest in certain countries. The country exclusion policy was further refined in December 2023, resulting in the exclusion [...]

  • Representing the interests of pension beneficiaries


    A seat will soon become available on the TNO Pension Fund Board. This concerns a seat for a pension beneficiary. If the fund [...]

  • Results up to the fourth quarter of 2023


    Assets and liabilities of the risk-based pension fund scheme Rounded up, the value of the pension fund’s risk-based scheme assets as at end [...]

  • The pension scheme as of 1 January 2024


    What will change in the pension scheme as of 1 January 2024? An overview of all the changes is given below. The 2024 [...]

  • Goldman Sachs ends the supplementary pension scheme as of 1 July 2026


    The Extra Pension Scheme and the Net Pension Scheme are run by Goldman Sachs (formerly NN IP). However, Goldman Sachs will stop administering [...]